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There’s growing evidence that educators benefit from some training in order to make the most of learning analytics dashboards. Linda Corrin shares insights from her extensive experience — and it’s about more than “data literacy”…

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Video is used extensively in teaching, but how do you design a dashboard to show teachers what they really need to know? An educational video guru talks about what features are on her “must have” list for video analytics

How can we design and implement learning analytics platforms so that instructors can’t wait to use them?

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When designing Learning Analytics tools, we need to hear from the people who will use them. Co-Design is a way to make educator and learner voices heard.

What do biology, learning sciences and learning analytics have in common? And how can insights from each field be utilized to understand how people learn and understand science? Learn more in the latest NEXUS article by Dr. Melanie Peffer.

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To fully leverage the power of learning analytics data, attention must be paid to the policies and practices that guide data use in higher education. Drawing on justice and care perspectives, we argue a need for inclusive policies and practices — learning analytics professionals should work to establish equity in their systems, ensure transparency and trust, and empower students as active agents in the use of their data.

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Learning Analytics are generating both excitement, and scepticism since adoption isn’t as fast as expected. In this blog, we briefly introduce the key concept, before looking at practical approaches to three challenges for embedding LA in organisations…

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Chats and threaded forums dominate how we run online discussions in education. But the quality varies widely and it’s impossible for teachers to tell at a glance if learning is going on. In this article, we introduce new kinds of learning analytics that support Knowledge Building discourse.

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The Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) is an interdisciplinary network of international researchers and practitioners:

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